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WHIM Study: Foria Basics for Menstrual-Related Symptoms

Online Survey


This investigation is designed to clarify the impact of the use of FORIA Basics, a CBD-containing vaginal suppository, among women reporting active menstrual cycle-related symptomatology. Taking Foria is not a part of the study procedures, and you will not be required to use Foria to participate in the study.


We are surveying women about menstrual symptoms, and include questions on whether you take Foria or other supplements in order to address your symptoms.

The study consists of three surveys over the course of two months; one baseline survey and two follow-up surveys at one-month intervals. It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete each survey. If you are eligible for the study, after completing the baseline survey, you will be directed to a page with contact information for Foria, who you can elect to contact for more information about their products, which may be available to you at a discounted rate. If you would like to continue with the study without using Foria, you may elect to not contact Foria.


Individuals interested in using a CBD-containing vaginal suppository for menstrual-related symptoms may be eligible.

Our survey is currently open to respondents.