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Medical Cannabis for Veterans

Observational, Longitudinal


Despite growing interest in medical cannabis, specifically CBD products, and their potential use for a wide variety of disorders, no studies to date have conducted in-depth examinations of the effects of cannabinoid treatment on both clinical state and cognition in veterans. This investigation will examine Veterans using various cannabinoid-based products, including high-CBD products.


Veterans are assessed at baseline with follow up visits occurring at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks with 3 optional visits all occuring over the course of a year of treatment with various cannabinoid products. Visits include measures of clinical state, quality of life, sleep, and pain, cognitive testing, and if eligible, MRI scans to examine brain structure, function, and chemistry.


Veterans who are currently using cannabinoid products OR who are interested in trying cannabinoid products to treat chronic medical conditions may be eligible.

We are currently recruiting interested Veterans.

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