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Cannabidiol (CBD) for Anxiety

This project is an FDA-approved clinical trial of a whole plant-derived, high-CBD sublingual tincture for the treatment of anxiety.

CBD for Agitation and Anxiety in Alzheimer's-related dementia

In collaboration with Dr. Brent Forester, we are investigating CBD as a potential treatment for anxiety and agitation that often appears in mild to moderate Alzheimer's Disease. Behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, such as anxiety and agitation, often contribute to the caregiver stress associated with caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's. At the moment, there are no FDA-approved treatments for these symptoms, and the current treatment options can have significant negative side effects. This study seeks to discover a safe and effective treatment for anxiety and agitation in those living with Alzheimer's.

CBD for Bipolar Disorder

This project is an FDA-approved clinical trial of a hemp-derived, high-CBD sublingual product for the treatment of anxiety and depression in individuals with bipolar disorder.

Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD) for Anxiety

This project is an FDA-approved clinical trial of a hemp-derived, high-CBD sublingual product for the treatment of anxiety.

Observational Study of Medical Cannabis Treatment

This project is designed to understand the impact of "real-world' medical cannabis treatment on various outcome measures. It is a non-invasive observational, longitudinal study examining individuals who are considering medical cannabis, hemp or other cannabinoids (and those who are not) for various medical and/or psychological conditions.

Chronic Pain in Older Adults

More than half of older adults report bothersome pain within the past month. Further, opioid use for pain is highest among older adults, yet many complain of inadequate relief, significant side effects and increased risk of opioid-related consequences. Medical cannabis (MC) use is increasingly common among older adults for pain relief; however, the potential benefits, risks, and negative consequences of MC in this population have not been assessed.

Medical Cannabis for Veterans

Despite growing interest in medical cannabis, specifically CBD products, and their potential use for a wide variety of disorders, no studies to date have conducted in-depth examinations of the effects of cannabinoid treatment on both clinical state and cognition in veterans. This investigation will examine Veterans using various cannabinoid-based products, including high-CBD products.

COVID-19 and Medical Cannabis

This national, online survey is designed to assess how medical cannabis use may/may not be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic .

WHIM Study: Foria Basics for Menstrual-Related Symptoms

This investigation is designed to clarify the impact of the use of FORIA Basics, a CBD-containing vaginal suppository, among women reporting active menstrual cycle-related symptomatology. Taking Foria is not a part of the study procedures, and you will not be required to use Foria to participate in the study.

WHIM Study: Cannabis & Menopause

This observational research project is designed to be the first of its kind to collect prospective self-report data on the impact of cannabis use in women who report menopause-related symptoms. The goal of this investigation is to clarify the impact of the use of cannabinoid-based therapies in this population and determine whether further, more in-depth studies are warranted to assess the efficacy of these products.

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