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Changing Marijuana Laws

Dr. Gruber's guest appearance on WHYY Public Radio: Listen here

"Philadelphia Councilman James Kenney introduced a bill yesterday to make possession of small amounts of marijuana a ticketed offense instead of a mandatory arrest.  In a recent New Yorker interview, President Obama indicated that his stance was softening against legalizing pot.  Two states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana –  Colorado opened stores on January 1st and Washington State is in the process of licensing pot sellers and distributors. Medicinal marijuana use is now allowed in twenty states and the District of Columbia.  This hour, we look at marijuana laws around the country and where the debate stands.  We start in Philadelphia with Councilman At-Large JAMES KENNEY on his new bill. Then, we take a look at how legalization is playing out in Colorado and Washington State with BOB YOUNG, a reporter for the Seattle Times.  Finally, Marty talks about the effects of smoking pot on the adolescent brain with STACI GRUBER, Director of the Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core at McLean Hospital in Boston."


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